Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Bare Beauty is back!

For those who've been watching, thank you! We're back for a third season, bolder, brighter, and as bare as ever. I'm thrilled to be involved again. The first episode airs Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 930pm on Arts Central. Watch us please!

The official spiel (surf the Arts Central "Coming Soon" section):

Bare Beauty is back with fresh brews and new recipes to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and beautiful the natural way! The new season of Bare Beauty takes us on an insightful journey around the world through the eyes of her people to explore culture and uncover hidden beauty secrets.

Bare Beauty the Ambassador series traces the fascinating lives of an Ambassador’s wife living here in Singapore. In each episode we will learn of their colourful culture and traditional beauty rituals from countries like Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland and many more countries.

The host, Anita Kapoor takes us on a sneak peek into the residencies of the Ambassadors and the lives of their wives and friends. She will uncover hidden gems of beauty secrets, rituals and recipes through the Ambassador’s wives that she meets. Follow her as she takes us to unexpected places to shop for unique ingredients and experience traditional beauty treatments that you never knew existed in Singapore.

The new season of Bare Beauty continues to be fresh and exciting in its search for natural beauty. Join us in this 8-episode adventure to experience and rediscover customs, traditions and beauty secrets from around the world.

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