Saturday, 10 May 2008

Bare Beauty III

I'm thick in production for the third season of Bare Beauty.  We've shot 4 episodes to date, and today, we get into the 5th epsiode of our Ambassadors Wives' Edition. I'm not about to give anything away, but, I can safely reveal that we're pretty much been jetting all around the world (minus our passports) in our search for enticing new remedies, and we've been having a blast. 

I'm the first one to tell everyone the affection I feel for this little show that could, and has. It was my first "series" ever, and the signal that beeped loudly enough to make me ditch a soulless editorial stint for work that better suited the kid who once wanted to be a ballerina, athlete and chef  all at the same time. 

It's because of television that I was declared myopic at the age of 9, watching it intently after school and six inches from the screen, so as not to disturb my mother who was going through a tough pregnancy at the time. Who would have known it would become a friend in a completely different sense of the word. 

The small screen feels as natural to me as a boob-lift to a local starlet. Sure, it's a curious place, production. It's filled with logistics that would kill even Napoleon. People run in all directions making sense of space, lighting, position, colours. A single, large black eye captures your every word, movement, hair growth and shiny patch on your face, literally holding you hostage for hours. And then it's off to editing where hopefully, the scene with that shiny patch on your face gets left out. 

Our first season, shot outdoors and in my kitchen,  gave viewers a lush, intimate, evocative show to look at and more interestingly, raised curiosity levels about "that show that cooks up natural stuff." By the time we produced season 2, Bare Beauty had firmly established itself fans - all of whom were eager for more. 

I can't count the number of times I've been approached in the streets, in markets, restaurants - everywhere, by curious, friendly folk. I love that people from all walks of life, of different ethnicity's and both genders, watch the show. Baby boomers, generations X and Y and even some Zs are all getting a little something from our weekly half hour shot of "bare beauty".

Besides our great crew, we also work with horticulturalist Naazli Anwari, who's supported us from the beginning. While I'm plenty comfortable with natural ingredients and they've always been in my own life, natural ingredients - whether a stalk of lemongrass or a crunchy nut - are generally in their purest, most powerful form when raw. In the best interests of the show and our faboo viewers we've always worked with a professional to ensure we're giving out ideas and recipes that work well, gently, and efficiently.

Most of all though, the shows' about picking up wellness tips and beauty tricks in a really fun and easy way. It's about getting back into your kitchen and experimenting and making a mess! And about having a bloody good time.

So, don't forget. Tuesday, 20 May, 2008, 930pm, Arts Central. Keep on watching. 


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