Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Michael Zaw Photography

I use my fan site and blog regularly to keep in touch with the world and with the people who show me so much support. They've also both become awesome online spaces which allow me to spread the word about the many people, things and places I experience, and which I have mad love for. 

Michael Zaw is a fellow traveller, an awesome sound man and a good friend, who I've worked with for a few years now. He is also an amazing photographer. This isn't a term I use lightly - there are plenty of photographers in this world, but very few who produce images which make people stop in their tracks and stare. I've been honoured to witness his progress over the years and believe me, he makes me stop and stare all the time.

Mike's passion for capturing the moment is more than simply pictures telling stories. His knowledge of light, angles, composition and colours is fantastic, and his ability to find the moment and capture the shot, the essence, is borne of an ever improving creative intuition.

His pictures speak for his eye, yes, but I also believe they reflect what resides in his heart.

So go visit his site. Step into his world. Send him a message. Let him know what you see.


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