Sunday, 29 November 2009

Exactly 25 Days to Christmas

... and a season firmly divided into people making an effort and, not. 

Pot lucks between good friends, last minute do's, canapes or dessert-only parties aside, the personal/festive party scene in Singapore is an unfortunate and perpetually dismal BYE drive: bring your everything - booze, food, personality, guests. And do stay, because we'll need someone to help clean up later?

Having been invited to a few - and likely never another after this post - wine and chips parties (complete with cracked bowls, plastic cutlery, plates and cups) I've come to understand that in Singapore at least, parties are largely effort-lacking collegiate affairs, whether the hosts are 25 or 45. 

What happened to charm, style and generosity, dammit? When did entertaining become so, underwhelming?

I say do it well, or don't do it at all. Period.

I've recently come across a fab trade magazine that's followed a distinctly lifestyle mould. Within the pages of Cuisine&Wine Asia are a host of really cool story ideas, all based on getting the experience, recipe, personality or place across succinctly to the reader. 

It's a trade magazine for people in the food business, but it's one of the best of its kind on the shelves - focus, depth and information you want to garner, gather and keep all in - something sorely lacking across the publishing spectrum. 

I had the good fortune of helping C&WA test some fantastic champagne cocktails at Bob's Bar, Capella Hotel recently, and apart from being completely hooked on said cocktails, perusing the magazine after made it clear to me that we have no right being lazy about food, entertaining and giving our family and friends a really good time. 

With magazine's like these pulling together all the essential details one could possibly need to cook well and entertain fabulously - without breaking your bank account - there is absolutely no reason to be a lazy host.

Unless of course, you like plastic a whole hell of a lot. And all your friends do too. Indeed, your perogative.

Pre Xmas merriment to you all, and a fab recipe attached for a champagne and Pimm's (who knew!) cocktail served at Bob's that I have fallen in complete love with. 

Happy almost holidays, folks. 

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