Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Burning Questions

The newest thread in the spider web of my life is my growing love affair with nature, holism, green intelligence, metaphysics and the like. 

I am not new to it, my childhood was filled with natural ideas and respect for the earth, a hearty recognition of the earths above, below and in-between, and many of the remedies you've seen me concoct on my show Bare Beauty were kitchen staples in our home. 

My experience with Bare Beauty was a much needed memory toggle - it brought me back to the threshold of ancient holistic beauty and health, preparing me for the broader realisations which came quickly thereafter. 

There is much to learn and re learn about this earth, but how complicated politics, greed and poverty has made it all. It's almost inevitable that we stand back and be confused, angry, and also, misguided in good but ill informed intention. I see a lot of this. I find it deeply troubling.

My approach is simple. 

My goal is to understand and experience as much as I can about what is both good and bad in how this earth has been treated by the people who live on it. 

In educating myself I am giving myself the freedom to choose how and what I would like to and need to learn, so that I may use both information and intuition to integrate these lessons into my life and respectfully share my ideas with others. 

Here, something I recently had the pleasure of moderating which has re-sparked my enthusiasm and involvement. 



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