Monday, 10 November 2008

Travelling Light

With travels just around the corner, I'm reminded how, several years ago after a particularly god-awful breakup, my ex was on my door. Not to ask me to take him back. He'd come for his grey-black Samsonite suitcase, borrowed a couple of months before.

Having waited what was obviously an appropriate length of time for the dust to settle, he anxiously arrived with a replacement in tow. A soft stroller. In hospital blue. Quite thoughtful he probably thought. The cheek! I first thought. There goes sturdy, trustworthy, go the distance, eternally stylish.. suitcase. My second thought. Blue?? My third thought.

The stroller as it turned out, has become a constant companion. Blue it is, but it's also a superb just-so size, fairly light, easy to schlepp around, and does 4 days or 15 days worth of on location clothes, shoes, accessories etc, easily.

It has even survived that very special, very consistent style of baggage man-handling practised only in India's airports. So I'm not ungrateful. I definitely heart the blue bag for seeing me through the last 4 years of travel. Even if the zipper ends are dead and I can't erase the "helpful" baggage chalk marks of my last six destinations. Even if the corners are splitting. It bears all the good signs of a life interestingly lived.

But it is indeed, time for a change. I've seen the future and it looks like.. a hard case. An iconic, collectable, glossy, hand crafted curvy hard case. No zippers. No rippable fabric. Sexy. Spare. And light, oo, meringue light. Floating off the belt, up the stairs, go anywhere do anything light. it's name is onehundred&ten, its people are Globe-Trotter and soon, it will be mine.

Designed by British industrial design king Ross Lovegrove - otherwise known as "Captain Organic" - and made in Japan, the hard suitcase was commissioned to celebrate Globe-Totter's 100th year anniversary as experts of all things luggage-smart and cool.

Smart and cool it is: the case is made from a combination of carbon fibre and Kevlar composite material, both lightweight and highly durable, woven into something called 3X Fibre. Created by the Dupont-Toray Corporation in 2007, the fibre is exclusive to the Globe-Trotter onehundred&ten.

Once layered and bonded together the result is a curvaceous hard case weighing in at a mere 1.4kg.

Only 1000 pieces were manufactured in 2008. It goes without saying that 1001 is going to have to be mine.

Coming to an Isetan near you soon. 2009 soon.

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