Friday, 18 January 2008

Track 2 on your 2008 playlist

Tantric Two Step

Rockin' hot. Somebody! Take me dancing tonight. It's not a new track, but a Will.I.Am touch of gold tie-up and remix. In a world where Timbaland gets lauded for murmuring stereophonic nonsense in the background and making crap videos featuring irrelevant footballers doing circus tricks, it's gratifying to see the fresh and decidedly fly just sort of turn up. Plus Willy's got the kind of stylin' moves that makes Chris Brown - who can work it with the best of them - look liked re-fried Usher.

It's best however that while Sting's people pulled a kicking coup here, the tiny tantric chose to stand around and generally look hot. This wouldn't have been a moment for his typical arms outstretched "Desert Rose" anthem pose, or god forbid, a little bon-bon shaking. Never a good look on a small blonde man.

Video Description

Music video by Sting performing Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing): Batson-Doc-Will.I.Am Remix, Closed Captioned
with Sting
(C) 2004 A&M Records

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