Friday, 28 December 2007

Marcel Wanders & Moooi

28 November, 2007

The charismatic and dare I say strangely sexy Dutch (can sexy and Dutch be said together?) multi-disciplinary designer Marcel Wanders (of Droog, Moooi and his eponymous Marcel Wanders label fame) flew into Singapore for the Design Festival,held 28 Nov-8 December 2007 to launch the crazy coolness that is the Moooi collection at Space Furniture, and to deliver a strong message to the next generation of Singaporean designers - a large crew of assembled students - who'd obviously been pretending to listen to his talk on the "green" at the new La Salle campus on McNally Street for half an hour, before Wanders was told no one could actually hear him.

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Wanders made up for the lost 30 minutes with energy and wit and a writer's dream of quotable quotes, but the presentation was basic and rote (more for the students I suspect, than the assorted other design enthusiasts), set against a back drop of iconic Moooi pieces and a soundtrack of glass mineral water bottles being clanked together by hapless waiters rummaging in a cooler bin to top up their trays.

Note to organisers: the sound system was crap, the clanking of water bottles ridiculous, and the set disappointing for a talent of his stature. It all seemed to smack of last minute. It could have also been a result of Wanders having touched down hours before and not having sent through his presentation before hand. Could it be that all creatives are creatures of the frustrating last minute slap dash? Whatever the cause, it could have been better pulled together - well except for the tasty canapes.

Despite being subdued by the hand-held mike he had to eventually use which clearly limited the entertainer in him, Wanders delivered a priceless jab immediately after he'd exchanged the rubbish lapel mike, at the assembled students:

Why didn't you tell me?? How can you expect to be designers, if you never ask about things?


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